Walk Through the Bible

Abraham left Ur, where is Ur? Is the split of the nation of Israel? Old Testament biblical many, things are complicated, involving far-reaching, hard to remember!

Walk through the Bible is a unique approach that Bruce Wilkinson created in 1972 in just a few hours, using projectors, movements, and memory-friendly illustrations , To teach the congregation to have a rough idea of the Bible. This activity teaches a Bible lecture that has taught 1,560,000 followers of more than 100 sects around the world and is recognized as the most innovative, the easiest to remember, and the most effective way to change lives.

The lecture was successful because it took some hard-to-remember, boring, tedious historical materials and figures through fun and effective learning methods, using sign language and associative phrases, in just a few hours The important places in the Bible, what happened, the characters that appeared and the subject of the scroll, etc., were remembered before and after. For countless participants, "Bible Walk" is the first step in their journey to God's Word.